Borates @ 50ppm

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Borates @ 50ppm

The Importance of Borate in a Swimming Pool

1. It Helps Stabilize pH

Firstly, when the pH drifts up beyond the maximum recommended level (which is 7.8), chlorine will not be effective in killing harmful bacteria and other organisms such as algae, which in most cases will result in green, yellow, or black water, depending on which kind of algae you have.

Secondly, when chlorine becomes ineffective, it will not function as a sanitizer, and this will definitely result in milky white or cloudy water

Moreover, high pH levels will result in calcium scaling, which builds on pool surfaces, waterlines, and accessories, especially in saltwater.

Finally, high pH can trigger health issues such as burning eyes and nose and dry, itchy skin and scalp.

On the other hand, when pH goes down below the recommended level, it will erode pool parts, causing damage to the plasters and grouting. Low pH also corrodes the metal accessories, such as steps and heater, and this may also result in metal stains and water discoloration from corroded metals.

Since borates keep pH under control, using it will prevent all the mentioned problems resulting from unstable and drifting pH. It will also mean easier maintenance since you will not need to use as much strong acids and soda ash to reduce and raise pH levels respectively when out of balance.

2. It Helps Prevent Algae

This is absolutely true: Since borates keep pH under control, the effectiveness of chlorine not be tampered with, and this means that algae will not thrive.

3. It Reduces Chlorine Usage

Too much chlorine has been associated with skin cancers and other harmful diseases. Moreover, the byproducts of chlorine that accumulate in the water are even more dangerous than chlorine itself.

Since borates help prevent algae, using too much chlorine may not be necessary. More still, since chlorine is not consumed at a high rate when pH is stable, you will not have to shock your pool often.

4. It Makes Sparkling and Soft Water

When you use borate, the water will remain clear for a long period since chloramine (or combined chlorine) does not form quickly as compared to a pool without a borate agent. Most borate agents available on the market today have chlorine stabilizer in them (cyanuric acid) which keeps chlorine from being consumed by UV light from direct sunlight. They also contain components that help to soften hard water that causes dry skin and red and itchy eyes.